Shanghai Stock Exchange Stock Code: 600493
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Fengzhu textile is a listed company mainly engaged in cotton spinning, dyeing and finishing, knitting fabrics, cheese colored yarn production and environmental protection facilities operation. The company has cotton spinning subsidiaries, weaving mills, dyeing mills, bleaching and dyeing plants, state-level enterprise technology center, printing plant, garment factory, thermal power plant and sewage treatment plant, etc., and has formed a relatively complete set of infrastructure Good technological innovation system and industrial chain.

More than 80% of the company's advanced dyeing and finishing equipment, knitting equipment and other advanced equipment have reached the world level.

In 2006, the company's technical center was recognized as the first "national enterprise technology center" in China's knitting industry. The company is the first to pass the ISO 9001 and eco management system certification in the UK. Global recycling standard grsv4.0 textile and clothing recycling standard certification. It meets the dual requirements of consumers for functional comfort of clothing and green low-carbon environmental protection. The company's testing center has passed the CNAs certification of China National Accreditation Commission for laboratories, and established the first textile testing laboratory in Fujian Province.