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Talent recruitment
Our talent strategy: human resources are the source of vitality of enterprises and the most valuable wealth for enterprises to achieve strategic planning. Fengzhu company has the spirit of "honesty, learning and innovation" to choose talents. We firmly believe that first-class talents are the cornerstone of building a first-class enterprise. The core connotation of Fengzhu textile talent concept is people-oriented, scientific and technological guidance and overall progress.

1. Enterprise spirit: honesty, learning and innovation   
Honesty: be honest with the government, society, customers and employees, and win the trust and recognition of employees, users, society and government.
Learning: the company advocates and creates an atmosphere of "work + Learning", and improves its own quality and ability by relying on work and self-study.
Innovation: the company attaches importance to innovation, vigorously promotes knowledge innovation, scientific and technological innovation, and independent innovation, so as to realize leapfrog development of enterprises.

2. Talent view: morality, cooperation, specialty and loyalty
Moral character: Fengzhu company requires all employees to have good moral consciousness and always maintain the mentality of "truth, goodness and beauty".
Cooperation: all work is not done by one person. Good performance is the result of teamwork and joint efforts.
Major: there are specialized skills, only in the field of professional study, more questions can have a foothold.
Loyalty to the job, loyalty to the enterprise.

3. Professional ethics: love the enterprise, the position and the product

4. Team concept: carry forward the team spirit and create brilliant achievements bravely

5. Development concept: grow and progress with the company

6. Common vision: achieve enterprise and self at the same time