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Walking into Fengzhu
Today, Fengzhu textile has already experienced the initial stage of entrepreneur's personal success and entered a new stage of enterprise's overall development. At the same time, after more than 20 years of historical accumulation, the enterprise culture concept with Fengzhu characteristics has been formed, which embodies the traditional cultural heritage of dedication, honest management and thinking of the source map, and also reflects the modern cultural essence of people-oriented, science and technology and continuous innovation, which has an important impact on the "internal quality and external image" of enterprises.  

The competition among enterprises in the future is the competition of enterprise culture. The development of Fengzhu textile in the past is inseparable from corporate culture, and the future development is also inseparable from corporate culture. The advanced corporate culture will further promote the harmonious construction and development of Fengzhu textile, which will be cast into the vitality, creativity and cohesion of the enterprise, and become the common values, inclusiveness and integration force recognized by the enterprise.  

1. Development goals:
We are committed to becoming a leading brand of high-end knitted fabrics in the world.  
2. Development concept: Based on professional development, we should not forget to be steady in development and seek development in steadiness.  
3. Strategic objectives: With low cost, new varieties, high quality, excellent service and accurate delivery date as the professional foundation, taking the customer as the center, actively understand the customer needs, provide comprehensive and targeted solutions, and become an indispensable long-term partner with customer confidence assurance.  
4. Brand belief: Professional, dedicated, team, innovation, responsibility.  
5. Brand slogan: Focus on details to achieve perfection.  
6. Core values: Focusing on professional, dedication to perfect quality and service; customer-oriented; respect for individuals, rely on the team; make more contributions to social progress.  
7. Quality policy: Strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products.  
8. Business philosophy: Honesty is the foundation, mutual benefit and win-win.  
9. Basic principles Love the enterprise, the position and the product.  
10. Talent view: Moral character, cooperation, professionalism and loyalty.  
11. Employment philosophy: Only talented people can be appointed and their strong points can be used up and down, and the fittest can be eliminated.  
12. Management philosophy: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  
13. Development concept: Grow and progress with the company.  
14. Shared vision: In the achievement of the enterprise at the same time to achieve self.  
15. Company style: Really, really.