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Walking into Fengzhu
Corporate culture is an organization formed in the process of its own development for all members to believe in the value concept, mode of thinking and behavior norms attached to practice, is an organic whole of spiritual culture, behavior culture and material civilization.

Corporate culture often takes many personal characteristics of the founder of an enterprise, which is the embodiment of the personality charm of entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs are the creators and embodiment of corporate culture construction. Their philosophy, personality, thinking mode and wisdom taste directly determine the overall appearance and personality characteristics of enterprise culture. the internal structure, level and value of Fengzhu enterprise culture should be rationally analyzed, studied and rediscovered. In the long-term practice and running in, the core connotation of "science and technology leading, people-oriented, overall progress, and making more contributions to social progress" should be constantly reflected and sublimated.

1. Development goal: to be a leading brand of high-end knitted fabrics in the world
According to the general goal set for the development direction of Fengzhu, starting from the reality, based on the main dyeing and finishing industry, actively expand the upstream and downstream related industries, and gradually establish an integrated production and management system in line with the development requirements of the textile industry. Speed up the technical transformation, increase the strength of equipment introduction and product innovation, and strive to reach the world-class level in the development of new products, new processes and new fabrics on the basis of maintaining and consolidating the leading position of the same industry in China. At the same time, the company will also adhere to a steady and pragmatic business policy, with balanced development in new product development, technological innovation, marketing, internal management, capital operation and other aspects, so as to provide strong guarantee for the realization of the overall goal.

2. Development concept: Based on the specialty, we should not forget the steadiness in the development, and seek the development in the steadiness

3. Strategic objectives: with low cost, new varieties, high quality, excellent service and accurate delivery date as the professional foundation, taking the customer as the center, actively understanding the customer needs, providing comprehensive and targeted solutions, and becoming an indispensable long-term partner with customer confidence assurance.

4. Brand belief: professional, dedicated, team, innovation, responsibility

5. Brand slogan: focus on details and achieve perfection

6. Core values: focus on professional, dedication to perfect quality and service; customer-oriented; respect individual, rely on team; contribute more to social progress.

7. Quality policy: strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products
Quality improvement has only a starting point and no end point. It is the responsibility of every employee of the company to continuously optimize the better state of the process, and it is also the premise to meet the needs and expectations of customers.
Customer demand is only satisfied, but not satisfied. It is the obligation of every employee of the company to continuously pursue customer satisfaction, which is also the driving force to promote the development and growth of the enterprise.
To provide customers with more satisfactory products and ensure the long-term interests of all beneficiaries (customers, employees, owners, suppliers and Society).

8. Business philosophy: honesty, mutual benefit and win-win
Fengzhu pursues the business philosophy of "honesty, mutual benefit and win-win" and the steady and pragmatic business policy. It adheres to the commitment of quality, price and service to create customers and markets, and strive to improve product quality, strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products, share high-quality product resources with users, and feed back the rationalized business results to the society and serve the society Industry, and then promote the development of the industry and social progress.

9. Love the basic products
On the basis of "three loves", Fengzhu advocates that all staff should unify the code of conduct, improve their own quality, sublimate their professionalism, establish professional ethics, tap their own potential, reflect their self-worth, and make more contributions to social progress while achieving the enterprise.

10. Talent view: morality, cooperation, specialty and loyalty

Fengzhu takes the moral quality as the first orientation for all employees, and requires to pay attention to the cultivation of their own personality, morality, wisdom and will, be able to participate in the organization, have the spirit of teamwork, have the expertise of one skill, improve the professional level, have the mindset of synchronous development with the company, have a sense of identity with the corporate culture, and be loyal to the value orientation of the company's career development.

11. The idea of employment: only use talents, make use of their strengths, be able to go up and down, and survive the fittest

Fengzhu always adheres to the "people-oriented" management principle, which requires good ideological responsibility, psychological quality, technical quality and physical quality. It adopts the method of recommendation and recruitment in the selection, and employs the best; in the use of talents, it is not divided into regions, does not recognize the relatives and friends, only the talent is promoted, the able, the average and the mediocre, and actively creates and provides a platform for talents to play Through the construction of internal incentive, restraint and elimination mechanism, the labor, personnel and distribution systems will be further improved to enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the enterprise.

12. Greater than the total management concept

This is also the systematic view and methodology of Fengzhu enterprise management. The personnel quality, management concept, organizational structure, corporate culture, material environment and development strategy of an enterprise are all an organic whole. The elements of labor, knowledge, technology, management and capital are closely linked and the overall progress is achieved. At the same time, it attaches importance to the development of enterprise's environment and high level of technology. The company attaches importance to science and technology and environmental protection in the development, forms a people-oriented modern management system, and strives to move forward to the first-class international enterprises.

13. Developing together with the company
The most active factor is human productivity. All our work should focus on the actual needs of the staff's material and cultural life, as well as the improvement of the staff's quality, that is, we should strive to promote the all-round development of human beings. The company emphasizes the positive interaction between talents and enterprises, and grows and progresses together with the company, which is the most important. Every step of the company's development requires the comprehensive quality level of employees to go up to a higher level, even ahead of time, to form a benign interaction. The development of enterprises is guided by talents, and talents are promoted to stand out by the development of enterprises. Finally, material civilization and spiritual civilization are combined and mutually promoted.

14. Common vision: self achievement while enterprise achievement
All employees working in Fengzhu have the right and opportunity of comprehensive development. The company emphasizes the achievement of the enterprise at the same time, is the common development of employees and enterprises, the common progress of enterprises and society. The realization of individual value of employees is related to the development and growth of enterprises, and even more to the development and progress of society. With the development of enterprises, the value of individuals can be reflected; with the development of society, the existence of enterprises can be more meaningful.

15. The style of the company: to be real and to be practical
To do any work, we should proceed from the actual situation of the enterprise, seek truth from facts, and base our ideological understanding and action on a scientific basis. We should dare to act in a real way, grasp the real, guard against formalism and do less superficial work. If you don't do it, do it right. We should combine need with possibility, forge ahead with seeking truth and pragmatism, work enthusiasm and scientific attitude, and carry out our work creatively, so as to make our work more practical and effective.