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Walking into Fengzhu

Take care of the earth, ecological earth, ecological China, ecological bamboos
Life is a fantastic journey. Every individual of life is inseparable from air, soil, water, food All of these are important components of the environment. How much we yearn for the beauty of nature and the beauty of nature! However, with the continuous progress of society and the continuous innovation of industrial technology, while enjoying the convenience brought by the progress of science and technology, the earth, which we rely on for survival, has become more and more fragile. The environment is like water, which can carry and capsize a boat. Without a good ecological environment, there will be no sustainable development of society, and no healthy development of enterprises.

Operation of environmental protection facilities ——Fengzhu textile, as one of the pioneers in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, actively responds to the call of the times. While developing itself, it also strengthens the sense of corporate social responsibility and advocates low-carbon development. "Caring for the earth, ecological earth, ecological China and ecological Fengzhu" is our constant development concept. The development of circular economy has been committed to environmental protection construction since 1989. In 1991, it was awarded the "national advanced collective of environmental protection", in 2000, it was awarded the "operation qualification of environmental pollution treatment facilities", and in 2007, it was awarded the "circular economy demonstration enterprise"; in recent years, it has put into the wastewater reuse project of reverse osmosis membrane, and has made a new breakthrough by using biological deodorization technology to treat the odor discharged from sewage In 2016, the flue gas treatment and waste heat recovery equipment of the molding machine was put into operation, which was energy-saving, environmental protection and economic.

Green environmental protection products ——Our company takes the lead in passing ISO9001 management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and Oeko tex standard of international ecological textiles In addition, it is required to develop new healthy and comfortable fabrics to provide high-quality products for many well-known sports brands in China, and strictly abide by the school uniform for primary and secondary school students (GB /T31888-2015) produced school uniform fabrics, and successively won two national product quality highest honorary titles of "national inspection free product" and "China famous brand product".

"Clothing" is our indispensable necessities of life, and also the most direct contact with our bodies. Environmental protection, health and comfort are the first tenets of our products. Fengzhu will always adhere to the business philosophy of "care for the earth, ecological earth, ecological China, ecological phoenix bamboo", attach great importance to the continuous practice of social responsibility in the realization of the enterprise's own development, and regard the practice of social responsibility as a political responsibility, corporate responsibility and the responsibility of the times.