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Walking into Fengzhu


Phoenix Bamboo graphic logo“ ”It means "focus".

Concentration is a state, a state. Patience and persistence are better than intensity and fanaticism. Concentration, concentration, concentration, and no distractions constitute the spirit of concentration. Only concentration can ignite passion and reach the peak of life. People who reach the peak are destined to have an unusual life.  

It's not easy to concentrate on one purpose. Only for one purpose, in this era of value-added and multi-function of everything, has become extremely impractical. "And" becomes a little bit of a word. Because it is pure, it exists only for one purpose. When you focus on one thing, over time, you become a professional.  

Pure, unique, different. The only, is no choice, pure, but can choose but not pick, can smallpox dragon and Phoenix, but only love. Purity is concentration. Those masters who have the top skills, like a day of concentration for decades, love their own career, and finally achieve.  
Fengzhu "focus" with dynamic design, reflects Fengzhu's professional rigor and attention to details. The logo of "focus" uses bold and exciting colors, which will be recognized as a modern, dynamic and creative enterprise.  
The character mark of the recognition adopts the original character style like traditional handicraft. Bright color logo combined with black word logo, the enterprise's faith, strength and momentum are ready to emerge. Ran, the top quality of our knitting products is the highest in the world.