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Our dyeing and finishing plant is equipped with 160 sets of dyeing machines, with Taiwan Asian machine, Hong Kong Lixin machine, German tren machine, Greek dyeing machine and German dis machine as the five leading machines, forming a daily production capacity of 160 tons and an annual production capacity of 54000 tons of smooth fabric.

Our company is equipped with 16 drying machines for finishing and drying, with Sanderson in Switzerland and ATOS in Germany as the leading models, with daily drying capacity of 190 tons and annual production capacity of 65000 tons.

There are 17 open width setting machines for post finishing, with German ATOS and Taiwan Ligen as the leading models. The capacity of Swiss Desan is 51000 tons per day and 150 tons per day.

  • ·There are 16 sets of shaping machines for finishing cylinder, including round setting machine, tweeding machine, calendering machine and cylinder pre shrinking machine, with a daily output of 50 tons and an annual production capacity of 17000 tons.
  • ·After finishing and supporting 4 drawing production lines and related carding, shearing and shaking equipment, the daily production capacity is 24 tons and the annual production capacity is 8200 tons.
  • ·After finishing, it is equipped with 5 sets of grinding machines, with Lafer machine of Italy as the leading model, with a daily output of 15 tons and an annual production capacity of 5100 tons.
  • ·Polyester, cotton, polyester, polyester, polyester, cotton, etc.